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I’m a writer – welcome to my website!

Latest news is the publishing of Jo’s Circle of Eight.  It has eight independent stories – linked by the theme of love!  (Available from Amazon, etc.)

Previously, Matador published my novel Cytherea’s Island.  It’s in a favourite format of mine, the fantasy-plus-romance genre.  Catherine inherits a house from an unknown source only to find that things are far from normal...  Greek gods feature.


Matador earlier published Shadows of the Nile.  This novel was inspired by a fascinating cruise in Egypt.  Prepare for an exciting twist here, though; on this cruise you’re also travelling back in time to ancient Egypt, for mystery and adventure!  This novel is also in the fantasy-plus-romance genre.  See Amazon, for some very good reviews!

I have also self-published a book of short stories, Jo’s Tales, which is a  pocket-size book (good for reading whilst travelling!) and has four categories: Crime, Ghost, Reflection, and Science Fiction.  It’s available at Amazon and from the publishers Lulu.com.

As you can see, writing novels and short stories are the areas I specialise in.  The cornerstone of my writing over the past few years has undoubtedly been in short story writing.  My success in it started when I won first prize in a Science Fiction Short Story Competition in the Writing Magazine.  A year later I won first prize in the same magazine under the Crime section.  Since then, I have been published in the USA and in the UK in magazines like Yours, Evergreen, Aspire, People’s Friend, Woman’s Weekly, My Weekly, written to commission, and been interviewed by David St John Thomas.  I am a Member of the Society of Authors.

I still enter competitions, and not so long ago a short story of mine, Dinner with Miguel, won 3rd place in a Let’s Talk magazine competition, and it was published.

Ever since I could put pen to paper I have enjoyed writing – anything and everything.  Ideas generate; then I like to sit at my computer and as my fingers fly across the keys colourful characters emerge.  It could be a sinister old lady who relies on her slippers to keep her sane; or a young girl who idolises her Aunt; or a sexy blonde who sings love songs.


Pleased you called by!


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