Short Stories


I have written many short stories.  Some come under the broad categories of: General, Love, and Children, and there are more exotic ones under the categories of SF, Crime, Horror, War, Ghost. And I have written a few articles.

Here’s a sample of some of my titles.  (Two or three are underlined for you to read in full.)


 Sweets For Mandy


 Waiting For The Train


 Lavender Bees


 The Ceremony


 Thursday Afternoons


 Harriet’s Hats


 Aunt Sally’s Rabbits


 The Visitors


 Janie’s Daffodils


 The Storm


 Brenda’s Going Football-crazy!
 (Brenda’s Goal)


 The Walk


 Magic Moments  (Fairies Eggshells
 and Crystals)


 Tricia’s Trio








 Laura Dann


 Ginny’s Scheme (Circle Of Love)


 The School Bus


 Sea Shells






 Tom The Straw Boy


 Fish Out Of Water




  Little Green Men




 A Smile From Mr Penrose


 Tea With Tania


 A Perfect Number




 My Cold Feet




 Through The Field Gate




 The Time Portal


 The Red Swimsuit


 Ghost  (50 words!)






 The Phantom Swimmer


 The Secret Room


 The Ghostly Fisherman


 Ethereal Highway


 Grandmother’s Field


 Second Floor Corridor




 In the Dark of the Night


 Beyond The Mist


 A Party at the Palace


 A Visit from the Prince


 The Fisherman


 Water Bugs

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